Mason: On having a party, a Democratic party

Admittedly I nerd out on NPR every now and then. I typically listen in the car during my daily commute. My sons are too young to put up a fight so they have to listen…for now. The other morning on the way to school, political news beaming from the speaker, Mason hears something he’s curious about:

“Mom, what is a Democratic party,” he said.

“It has something to do with Barack Obama,” I said.


“It’s  something called politics honey.” (I knew he didn’t know what I meant. I was struggling trying to explain.)



“I want to have a Democratic party. We should have a Democratic party. I can invite all my friends.”


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2 Comments on “Mason: On having a party, a Democratic party”

  1. steve shapiro
    March 10, 2011 at 4:36 pm #

    Mason should have been at the statehouse for some of the Senate Bill 5 protests. Those sure felt like Democratic Parties!

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