Brick City


One late summer weekend last year my husband and I discovered this fast-paced documentary drama on The Sundance Channel. We were hooked immediately, as we watched the entire first season in one sitting only breaking for meals and the bathroom (we don’t have a digital recorder).

It features the very young Corey Booker (very presidential I might add), mayor of Newark, NJ and his challenges and successes at turning around this rough around the edges neighborhood with a history of crime and violence. The real life drama is some strange cross between fictional dramas The Wire and Southland (but not quite), sprinkled with local government politics and the crisis in the U.S. public education system. So between the political drama, rampant gang activity and violence, and trying to educate Newark’s youth, Booker has his hands full and the cameras are watching his every move.

Some of you may remember Booker was the mayor using Twitter to connect, support, and aid his Newark constituents during that terrible mid-winter storm that dumped massive amounts of snow on NY and its surrounding areas. He was out all night with a shovel in hand digging people out of their yards and administrating access to food, resources, and safety.

The docu-drama is in its second season. Check it out here:  Brick City

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