I warn you…

This could be hazardous to your health…or at the very least, completely gross you out.

There is something strange and unusual about this picture. Something doesn’t belong there…there on the right…can you see it? Look closer. There is a single strand of long straight brown hair dangling delicately from the dull green bean. It looks comfortable, even snug between the pita and the plate. Yuck right?

Ideally, no one wants to find something like this in their meal. But even more troubling was the response I got when I brought it back to the counter. I watched in awe and disgust as the gentleman at the counter pulled the hair out with his two fingers. I must have been frowning or had some sort of puzzled look on my face because he responded with, “It’s not like hair is growing from the vegetables. We have humans that work in the kitchen.” As if to say, it’s bound to happen get over it. “Oh…really,” I responded, and stared intently. There was an awkward silence.

I’m not sure what his comment about “humans” tried to accomplish, but I imagine if you are concerned about the human condition, respectful interaction, or at the very least satisfied patrons, I would have expected far better customer service than what I received that day. If you were so concerned about the human condition, the first thing you would have said was “I’m sorry, what can I do to make it better?” or “I’m sorry, can I get you a refund?” But instead his response was a blast of bad dry humor and even worse customer service.

With a cool head, I simply asked for my money back, and as I walked away, he mumbled, “sorry.” But by then, it was clearly too late.

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