Three Boys and a Bathroom

In the mornings I make every attempt to leave the house with breakfast and lunch in hand, my make-up done (on most days), shirt tucked in, and heels in tow. But there are other such obstacles (I can name at least three) to getting out the door in the morning and I’m convinced it has a lot to do with our bathroom. The bathroom is the difference between on time and late in the mornings.

Every time I turn around we are in the bathroom. Some people congregate in the kitchen—for us, it’s the bathroom. I don’t understand this, especially since our bathroom is so small. A closed door means absolutely nothing in my house, and knocking…well…let’s just say we’re still working on that art form. I am beyond outnumbered in my house. I have two little guys and one big guy and while I love them dearly, our small space can be very crowded at times. So what is a girl to do?

Be creative.

I’ve learned that for me peace of mind (during the work week) comes most easy very early in the morning. I can get all kinds of things done: dinner, a workout, research for my thesis, my hair. But there’s one important thing that I absolutely must do before my boys get up—take a shower. It is where the hot water is plenty and the (bathroom) traffic is low. Oh, and everyone is sleep…perfect.

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