Getting together is easy, let’s stay together

“Date night” (when you have kids) is a highly synchronized operation. Once you secure a sitter you’re only half way there. The “dance out the door” is a much more complex choreographic endeavor. Getting out the house without crying and clinging kids is tricky. As soon as the babysitter comes over, the kids sense the inevitable. We feel bad, but our relationship is just as important and we have to remember that. As soon as our shoes click against the wood floors, the kids ambush us; employing every trick they can fathom to delay us from leaving. But remember, never underestimate distraction. There is this dance we do, and timing is everything. On a good night the sitter temporarily takes the kids to the back room for a snack, a book, or a little song and dance. We sneak out the door undetected, breathe a sigh of relief, and we’re on our way.

But last night we forgot something at home (of course)…

We had parked and were walking through the brisk night air towards the theater when I reached in my clutch and realized that I didn’t have the tickets. Yes, I left them at home in my other purse. All that coordination for nothing, we needed to go back… The show started at 7:00pm, it was 7:02pm, and we live 15 minutes away. There was silence all the way back to the car and most of the way back home until my husband finally put his hand on my knee and said, “Take a deep breath, it’s o.k.” We called our sitter (a dear friend of ours) and she left the tickets in the mailbox for us. That was easy (sort of).

I guess that’s what date night is all about, why it’s so important to keep that connection. And even when things go awry, date night is about pushing through the awkward, challenging moments and having a good time no matter what. It’s worth it.

What we did (date night ideas)…
Alfonso and I had a double dose of date night this past weekend, Friday night we attended Let Me down Easy (Anna Deavere Smith) at the Lincoln Theatre, followed by dinner downtown at Due Amici. Saturday night we hung out with a couple of friends and caught Not So Fast at the Wexner Center (Bill Frisell), followed by dinner just east of downtown at Indian Oven.

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