Somewhere between life and write

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I last wrote on this blog. I don’t have any excuses other than the new baby, my 4-year-old, graduate school, a full-time job, and maybe a little sleep. Other than that, I really should be writing more. Grad school helps because it forces me to think about my commitments to writing and what that means and how that manifests in my hectic life. However, academic writing is entirely different. The writing is static. I do enjoy what I’m learning in school, but I admit, my creative writing sometimes takes a backseat to deadlines at work, cooking dinner, late night feedings, bath time and bedtime stories–oh and making love (a gal’s gotta have some source of stress relief).

Anyway, the point is the writing is getting in the way or maybe life is getting in the way. Hold on, crying baby…

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