Get what you need

That’s my theme from now on. I sometimes think as busy people we forget to slow down and think about what we as individuals need to be peaceful, productive, and prosperous (the alliteration was not on purpose…I promise). So against my initial will, a friend convinced me to get away for a weekend. It’s hard for me to take time away from my son, work, my writing, and other community commitments I have going on. But I soon realized that taking a little time off is necessary.

We deemed it the “get what you need” getaway. Six women friends, all who live all over the country, set out to meet in one place and find their peace. And I think we found it…sitting by the pool, sipping on libations, talking among true friends with good energy, and simply just letting go. I realized that I can take a few moments to breathe and enjoy the sunrise, a beautiful view from the terrace right off the room I was staying in. I can sleep in and stay up late. I can laugh, sing, and dance. I can fall in love. I can just be.

Thank goodness for friends. Thank goodness for time and space. I didn’t realize in this world of non-stop over scheduling, stopping to let go a little is o.k. It’s better than o.k.; it’s actually exactly what I needed.

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