thank you discipline

Good morning discipline (even though its afternoon by the time I get to post this). Here I am again staring my laptop in the face or rather the screen while it slowly loads (I really need more memory on this thing) and I consider what I have to say today. I’ve been thinking about how you are with me all the time. No matter when words find themselves filling blank space, I can always count on you. I realize that you believe in me and therefore push me even when I think I don’t have anything to say. You say, sit there anyway and just think or dream. Sometimes you encourage me to pick up a book and read what will inspire me for the moment. Sometimes you just let me flail in the wind and find my way back to my journal or keyboard when I’m ready.

You are full of grace and sometimes I feel I don’t deserve you; but I thank you for being there anyway. Without you, I might be daydreaming, or getting a massage or a pedicure (or both), or playing with my son. Indeed all of those things (and not in the order I listed them) have a place in my life; but you make me focus on the true and creative me and that is sometimes hard to do. Especially since I often have to be so many things in so many different places to varying amounts of people at all different times. And that’s o.k. too. But you discipline, allow me to focus and be myself when I need to reflect or be alone; and I am thankful for that. I embrace your way of calming my swift, swirling mind. Thank you for patience as I make time to write.


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