late night conversations can be distracting but worth it

So I didn’t get a chance to write on schedule this morning. I got up at 7am, which is almost unheard of for me during the week–I’m usually up by 6am. I guess little time for the page will happen sometimes, or maybe all the time. Does that make me a bad person? Or maybe I should rephrase that…does that make me a bad writer? I hope not. I guess I could write everyday and still be a bad writer; so maybe that question is irrelevant. Though I hope that’s not the case either.

Anyway, my real excuse was sleeping in (if you can call getting up at 7am sleeping in) after the amazing conversation I had the night before with a friend of mine. We talked into the late hours when my eyes should have been closed and my mind fixed on dreams. Instead I was dancing through politics and art and music and lots of other stuff. Laughter rang out into the warm night and pushed the drapes against the screen as if sunken cheeks. In between sentences, I sipped on cool water from the glass on the nightstand next to my bed, as if I wouldn’t regret this later while up all night running back and forth to the bathroom. At points I sat on the edge of my bed and listened, only hardly watching the Olympics on t.v. They were on while I got up and paced the room; but the conversation was too interesting to pay attention. The conversation was also too interesting to worry about going to sleep, wrapped in my crisp, white sheets staring into my eyelids until morning. There will be other times to sleep. I’d rather just talk and listen.

Though I am on a disciplined roll; I won’t beat myself up about not writing this morning. I will be thankful for good conversation. It doesn’t come easily or often. Maybe that late night exchange was my writing for the day; and my reflections from it will rise from the page some other time. Or maybe it did just now.

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